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Hey there!


I´m Gigi Blenner. The biomimetic general dentist from Denmark. 

Actually my birth name is Regitze Blenner Praestegaard but thats horrible for all of you to pronounce. So lets stick to Gigi. 


Create wealth & health!

For yourself and for your patients.

Occlusion is not considered the most sexy thing in dentistry - but I can tell you - it makes everything else super sexy when you get your head around the 3-dimensional thinking in our profession. 

It´s the gateway to great opportunities and all kinds of treatments on all kinds of patients.

It´s purposeful and profitable. 

It takes you from single tooth drill-fill-bill treatments to multiple teeth comprehensive treatments. 

I´m here to make it simple, fun, stress-free and meaningful to be a dentist.

Join me on the wave of occlusion and minimally invasive treatments and lets change dentistry together.

See you around, 




All over the world people live long lifes and they expect to keep their teeth and have beautiful smiles. 

This is a huge challenge, to both patient and dentist.

If we are to be succesful in that quest occlusion and minimal invasive treatments are a must. 

And dont fear it.

Its fun, purposeful and you will prosper.

There are tons to do out there. Just get going!


You absolutely have to get your head around occlusion. Thats the first step.

Then use add on techniques, direct composites and indirect bonded ceramics. 

Move teeth with orthodontics if needed.

Treat in respect of the teeth and make them survive the treatment over time. Its not a failure if your restoration fails and the tooth survives. 

Its a failure that too many teeth fails from complications from excessive treatment.


This is for dentists all over the world who wants to treat less invasive and make money. 

Its for dentist who wants to build HEALTH and WEALTH. For their patients and for themselves. 

Dentists who wants more purpose and meaning in their work.

There has never been a better time to start. 

The materials and the technology supports us. The patients understands the philosophy.

Who wants to have their teeth drilled anyway?
I dont for sure.

I´m all into online teaching.

Lets get closer in communities with shared ideas and beliefs. 

We can change dentistry. We can grow as professionals and help a lot of patients by sharing our knowledge and skills and its all getting so much more easy by help of the online universe. 

Reach out. Mail me. Comment everything. I love dialog, debates, advices and questions. Dont hesitate to contact me. There are no right or wrong answers. We are all on a journey:-)

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Join the wave of occlusion and minimally invasive treatment and build WEALTH and HEALTH in your own life and your patients.


Building community

Lets join forces and change dentistry by working minimally invasive with focus on great occlusions. 

Join my group.

Ill send you all the best I have. Usable tips and knowledge. Experience of 23 years of dentistry,