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What is Success in dentistry?

the big picture! Sep 16, 2019


Have you ever thought about that?

What actually defines success in dentistry?

I know its not exactly an easy question to answer. I consider a lot of things succesfull in my everyday work and you sure feel the same. 

Anyway I posed myself these questions?

  1. Is it the actual treatments? Whether its crowns, implants, endos, composites etc.
  2. Is it the challenges in building up when everything is broken down?
  3. Is it making a difference - whatever that means?
  4. Is it handling diseases?
  5. Is it preventing diseases?
  6. Is it the money? The thing we are world wide known for - being expensive and rich. 

We definitely have different opinions, values and passions.
My answer will differ from yours but I think Im right about it being a cocktail of reasons, when we feel successful. 


The other day I watched a YT video. It was posted back in 2015 - but still - is extremely relevant. About the challenge we face with a healthcare industry that mainly treats...

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Space Captain. Get those leaf guages!

occlusion Sep 02, 2019


Want to be "Captain in the universe of occlusal space"?

But only feel like a general dentist?
I have some million dollars advice for you....

You can become the Captain in charge, if you dig into occlusion and get your head around it. 
And I´m here to make it simple. 

I used to be so confused about occlusion.
It almost seamed as if our professors and teachers made things so complex that I doubt they even knew themselves what they taught.
At conferences a lot of colleagues tells me they are overwhelmed and fatigued before even getting started on the topic. 

I totally understand. 
I know the feeling. I´ve been there. 
The feeling of being almost parallized not knowing where to start or end. 

So how am I going to make it easier for the ones of you, that want to learn about occlusion?

Well. Occlusion is not that complex, I promise you - at least not for the majority of our patients.

The ones that are a problem - you just dont treat!...

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