Space Captain. Get those leaf guages!

occlusion Sep 02, 2019


Want to be "Captain in the universe of occlusal space"?

But only feel like a general dentist?
I have some million dollars advice for you....

You can become the Captain in charge, if you dig into occlusion and get your head around it. 
And I´m here to make it simple. 

I used to be so confused about occlusion.
It almost seamed as if our professors and teachers made things so complex that I doubt they even knew themselves what they taught.
At conferences a lot of colleagues tells me they are overwhelmed and fatigued before even getting started on the topic. 

I totally understand. 
I know the feeling. I´ve been there. 
The feeling of being almost parallized not knowing where to start or end. 

So how am I going to make it easier for the ones of you, that want to learn about occlusion?

Well. Occlusion is not that complex, I promise you - at least not for the majority of our patients.

The ones that are a problem - you just dont treat!
My first million dollar advice; "Know who they are before you start". A tricky advice cause; "How are you to know that?"

My second million dollar advice; "Check the joints, before you change the occlusion!"

Why and how?
Because patients with bad joints - and I mean really bad joints, not just a click or a pop, is the tricky ones.
Dont start with those. Dont ever treat them. Refer them, and keep your life simple. 
How are you to check them? 

Here it comes...... (drums....) with a LEAF GUAGE!!!!!


(A leaf guage is fan of plastic leafs. The thickness can easily be changed by putting in and out leafs)

My third million dollar advice; Buy a lot of leaf guages. 

A leaf guage helps you evaluate joints and occlusion in an easy, fast way.
The leaf guage;

  • Tests if the joints can be loaded, i.e. used as references in a new occlusion.
  • Tests the lateral ptherygoid muscles.
  • Locates the point of first contact in centric relation (CR)
  • Measures the slide from point of first contact in CR into centric occlusion (CO).



I know all the words and names are confusing in the beginning. Take a little step at a time. Exercise. Thats the way to learn new stuff. Get it under your skin, into your head and get your hands around it. 
Remember; Repetition is the mother of mastery. 

The leaf guage is the magic wand in my office. 
I use it to risk assess patients, to treatment-plan, to diagnose, to equillibrate etc... 
But the most important thing is; It will teach you a lot about occlusion, and save your behind more times than you will ever know. 

Sooo - order them now.... 

All the best,

Gigi Blenner, the general biomimetic dentist from Denmark
(alias Regitze Blenner Praestegaard)



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