Planning 2020

the big picture Dec 25, 2019

What are your goals in 2020?


All goals are important.

They are the ones that defines where you´re heading and what you strive to be and do. They can keep you on track in life, hold you accountable and help you reach your desired outcome. 

We are talking goals in your personal and private life. In your economy and in your health. Who and how you want to live your life? 

It takes time to dig deep in your mind and ask yourself what you truly want in your life.

Some things are easier to find a way to get fx, a new car, or a better bed. But what about a better health, more self confidence, a new job, a better relationship, more time with your kids, less debt, more income?

You are 100% responsible for your own life and for the energy, engagement and interest you put into it and into your surroundings. Whether it comes to your family, your workplace, your personal life and so on. 


Take it super serious and don´t be sloppy with yourself!

Find a moment during the next week, place yourself in your favourite spot, turn off your mobile, your partner, your kids and start the process. 



Imagine yourself in a year from now.


(Below I give you examples of questions you can ask yourself to get started. Imagine how your life is in a year from now. Tell a story. How do you live your life with your dear-ones, your friends, your work and your spare time)


Your private life? 
How is your life with your partner and family?
Have you finally found the partner you seek or have you freed up more time to spend with your precious kids while they are still small?
Have you start playing piano - the thing you have always wanted to do? 
What do you really want to do in your spare time?

Your work life? 
Do you work in your dream office?
How does your week look - how is the schedule?
What kinds of treatments do you do?
Are there any energy left when you leave the office?
How many hours do you commute?

Your office - if you are an office-owner? 
What has happened in your business? What is the profile?
Do you market the office on low price, high quality and/or best service in town?
Who is in the staff? How is the atmosphere?
Have you made changes in order to make it better? Have you fired or hired?
How do you distance yourself from your neighbour offices?
Why are you the choice of town?

Your private economy? 

How does it look? More or less debt? More or less savings? Why?
What is the important decisions this year?
Is there something in the future I need to start savings to? 

Your office economy?

How much revenue?
How much profit?
Staff situation?
Customers situation? 


How do you get there?

What is the strategy to reach your goals, your dreams. 

If you want less debt, how will you manage that? Pay off more each month? Then you either need to earn more every month or buy less every month! 

If you want more time with your kids or with yourself and your partner, where can you free up time? If its your work-time - what will happen with the economy? Can you do more in less time? Or do you need to downsize your private economy while spending more value time with your dear ones? OR maybe you can find time in your private life to spend with the kids instead. Then your economy might not be changed. 

Every choice has a consequence

And thats not the problem. 
The problem is, we often make choices before we consider the consequences.
I believe thats one of the reasons we get lost, get overwhelmed, burn out in our lifes. 

Make a strategic plan with your goals. Its not like making new year resolutions, its all about making intentional choices for yourself and for your life. 

Create a nice environment where you can think great thoughts about your life and yourself. Personally, I take long walks in nature or make time for myself in my favorite place in our house. Both places its private time. I dont share it with my partner or anyone else. 
I write down my thoughts or make a voice dictate in my Evernote (when I´m out walking)

Then I gather it all and I start planning. 

This is where you start looking at the choices and the consequences. Plan your journey to reach your goals. 

Be realistic!

Be honest!

Be true to your values!


When your plan is ready I recommend you share it with your partner, a friend or a family member. We need to be held accountable when we set goals for ourselves and most of us will fail ourselves in that department. 

When it comes to planning family stuff or the private economy - it´s better to do so with your spouse or partner. 

When it comes to finances in our house we arrange "economy-dates"
It´s quite fun. We dream and set goals. Talk about travels with and without kids, investments, debt and daily costs.... We always do it in the evening. We try to create a great atmosphere, light candles, have a glass of wine and just let each other talk and dream. Listen without judgement. 

Then we make the budget, the strategy and start the journey and hold each other accountable. 


I wish you a great work

All the best, Gigi Blenner

The Biomimetic General Dentist from Denmark





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