Reached your goals for 2019?

the big picture Dec 17, 2019


I never believed in new years resolutions.

You know - "I want to lose 20 pounds before my summer holiday!"   

You get all set up - join the gym, get really active for 1-2 months - and then your everyday habits sets in - BOM. 

You´re back to normal. Feeling even worse. 

I do how ever believe in setting a direction for yourself - both personally and professionally. And for the last 5 years I have been doing it more and more every year.  I only wish I had started much earlier.


Setting an intentional direction creates huge value in all departments of your life. 

And when I talk about all departments I mean;

  1. In your health
  2. In your love life
  3. In your family life
  4. In your economy
  5. In your business/worklife
  6. In your social life
  7. you name it....


It´s all about taking leadership in you life. 

If you don´t - you get sloppy with yourself - don´t do that.

You have this one precious life - honor it and yourself. 


Don´t slam yourself if you´ve never really been concerned about setting goals or direction for yourself. 

Start right away. 

It takes training and repetition to get into the habit. You can do it in so many ways and you will over time develop your own strategy if you keep on practicing. 

I will share my rutine this year. 

And for now it will be looking back at 2019 - and this year looking back at the decade that is ending. Its nice to recapture what has been the themes, wins and losses. 


Grab your notebook and come along, here are my questions to myself.


1. What results have I created the last year that made me most proud?

  • What was the most important, and why?


2. What mistakes did I make?

  • What have I learned from them?
  • How can I use this in the future?


3. What is not coming with me in my life?

  • Things, clutter, to do lists, people etc.
  • Why? 


4. Where am I today compared to 1 year ago?

  • According to last years goals and dreams?

5. Who am I right now compared to last year?

  • According to last years goals and dreams?


This year you can take a glimse back through the period from 2010. Checking up the last decade. It could be fun, surprising and well worth it. 

In just a short time we have to look into 2020 and the next decade. A decade is a huge percentage of your life - don´t be sloppish about it. What do we want? What is important? Where do we want to go with our lifes?

Keep your notes! Review them every year! Of course not all the years! But its fun and builds self confidence to see ones growth on paper. And it gets much more serious when we write down our stuff!

Check out my planning for 2020 in my next BLOG.

See you

Gigi Blenner, Biomimetic-smiles


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