What is Success in dentistry?

the big picture! Sep 16, 2019


Have you ever thought about that?

What actually defines success in dentistry?

I know its not exactly an easy question to answer. I consider a lot of things succesfull in my everyday work and you sure feel the same. 

Anyway I posed myself these questions?

  1. Is it the actual treatments? Whether its crowns, implants, endos, composites etc.
  2. Is it the challenges in building up when everything is broken down?
  3. Is it making a difference - whatever that means?
  4. Is it handling diseases?
  5. Is it preventing diseases?
  6. Is it the money? The thing we are world wide known for - being expensive and rich. 

We definitely have different opinions, values and passions.
My answer will differ from yours but I think Im right about it being a cocktail of reasons, when we feel successful. 


The other day I watched a YT video. It was posted back in 2015 - but still - is extremely relevant. About the challenge we face with a healthcare industry that mainly treats the illness not the cause of illness. 

It had a major look into dentistry.
How untreated problems (especially periodontitis) in the oral cavity increases the level of inflammation in the overall body of the patients - and eventually can kill!

As dentist we know that. But does our patients?

The inflammation increases the risk of diabetes, heart attacks and strokes, rheumatoid arthritis, premature birth and secondary infections after hospital operations.
Today we see more and more articles supporting what they talk about in the video. 


We can help in screening and diagnosing high blood pressure, sleep apnea and oral cancer - patients see their dentist more than their general physician. Think about that!

We might be the first line of defense for lots of our patients?

If success in dentistry was defined by prevention of diseases how would our success look like. 

In the office
In each patients life
In their families life
In the local society
In the country

And of course - how would your life, as their dentist, look like? 
Would we still be able to make a living? Or how could we make a living on that? 

Could it be possible to create a WIN-WIN situation here?
There would be lots of winners if we could make that shift in the overall health care industry and in dentistry to treat the reasons for illness´ and not just the illness. 

What kind of changes do we have to do in our offices?

Check out the video here, Say Ahh

How could we make this work in our everyday dental lifes?

All the best, Gigi


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