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The money!

money Jan 15, 2020


When I start to talk about treating with a minimally invasive approach, colleagues always ask; "Can you make money on doing less?"

Well - actually I can. And so can you!
The key here is, what does it mean TO DO LESS?
Its not about not treating - its about treating in another way. 

The most expensive solutions for treating teeth are not the most healthy ones!
Do you agree?
Do you want a full crown on one of your teeth?

I don´t. 
I would go for a crown-lay and preserve all the cervical tooth structure. Because I know it will be easier to maintain. 

What Im trying to say is;  When we decide what treatment we offer the patient, we too place the tooth somewhere in the circle of death of teeth!

More treatment on a tooth means higher risk of complications and eventually the loss of the tooth. Will you make good money on patients with no teeth? Probably not. It wont be all of them who can afford implants etc... And you might even not make implants. Then...

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